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artist statement

Maggie’s work is about reawakening the senses and the need to preserve natural beauty. This self taught creator’s art is a study of what continues to compel us into a state of optimism in the face of hardship and adversity. As a child she grew up in Southern California and on the coast of Baja, Mexico. Her work is a union of her life experiences, inspirations, and the untimely death of her mother which affected her deeply. Experiencing loss at an early age naturally changed the way she viewed the world. Not taking anything for granted, her tendency to make small observations ~ colors in the sky and sea, the structure of a petal, the crosscurrent of a tide, a breeze moving through a tree, are what influence her choices in creating her colorful depictions of flora and fauna. The choosing of materials is deliberate in her paintings and collages as well. Paper that has been reused or recycled into new forms, through creating handmade versions or reusing art from her archive are intentional in her practice, a metaphor for rebirth and renewal. Botanicals and marine vegetation guide her selections in color and theme to create a sense of flow and movement.

artist bio

Maggie Ramirez Burns is a  self taught, emerging artist. A first generation American of hispanic parents, she is a California native transplant in the Pacific Northwest where she has lived for over 20 years. She finds peace and solace in her studio, creating beautiful, delicate pieces that compel the viewer to slow down, to breathe, and to honor one’s life in the appreciation of the smallest things in nature. Maggie has been practicing art since 2014 while being the Creative Director of her own shoe businesses in Seattle. Maggie’s original art is represented by Seattle Art Source and her fine art prints are licensed and sold through Minted. 

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