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artist statement

My art is a study of what continues to compel us into a state of optimism and hope, in the face of hardship and adversity in everyday life.  At the heart of my work is a union of the untimely death of my mother, life experiences, and the natural world, connections to memories. My work is a demonstration of how humble materials like paper can have transformative powers. With each piece, I endeavor to unveil the intricate beauty and nuanced emotions that can be coaxed forth from its fragile surface. I seek to find the interconnectedness of things in my life with the act of making while having moments of contemplation in the studio. To refine complex concepts and emotions into something pure for self clarity. Whether through layered collage, delicate paper cutting, or paper molding, my hope is to invite you, the viewer, to explore the interplay of light and shadow, texture and dimension, as you journey through my creations. My hope is that in experiencing my work, that you may find solace and grace, a renewed appreciation of the world around you.

artist bio

I am a self-taught artist. My California and Latin American roots along with my years living in the Pacific Northwest influence my inner artistic voice. My voyage as an artist alongside my role as Creative Director of our family shoe businesses in Seattle is a welcomed balancing act to my creative practice. Creating pieces that encourage viewers to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature speaks to a deep connection with the environment and a desire to share that connection with others.

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